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    ASTM B166 Inconel 617 Sheets | UNS N06617 Inconel 617 Sheets Plates Supplier | DIN 2.4663 Inconel 617 Sheets Plate Exporter in Mumbai

    Across industries and applications, customers can depend on Plus Metals alloys in high-pressure, high-temperature and corrosive environments. Plus Metals has over a century of expertise creating high-performance alloy products engineered for the majority of the services in the industry.

    Nickel Alloys Inconel 617 Sheets Plate Manufacturer Supplier

    Inconel 617 is a nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy with an exceptional combination of metallurgical stability, strength, and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Resistance to oxidation is enhanced by an aluminum addition. The alloy also resists a wide range of corrosive aqueous environments. Especially useful at temperatures in excess of 1800 Degrees F. Alloy 617 is used in gas turbines for combustion cans and ducts as well as industrial furnace components and applications where high-temperature corrosion resistance is important

  • Chemical Composition of Inconel 617 Sheets Plate

    Elements Content (%)
    Nickel, Ni 48.85-62
    Chromium, Cr 20-24.0
    Cobalt, Co 10-15
    Molybdenum, Mo 8-10
    Manganese, Mn ≤ 1
    Silicon, Si ≤ 1
    Carbon, C ≤ 0.15

    Typical Mechanical Properties of Inconel 617 Sheets Plate

    Material Form Condition Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation % Reduction of Area Hardness, BHN
    ksi MPa ksi MPa
    Alloy 617 Sheet Solution Annealed 50.9 351 109.5 755 58 - 173
    Alloy 617 Plate Solution Annealed 46.7 322 106.5 734 62 56 172

    Indusries to be served:

    • industrial furnace components
    • gas turbines for combustion cans
    • ducts

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    Nickel Alloys Inconel 617 Sheets Plate Manufacturer Supplier
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