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  • Aluminium Alloy 2011

    Aluminium Alloy 2011 Manufacturer | Aluminium Alloy 2011 in Mumbai

    This is prepared to give high quality as created by heat treating. This is a very high strength aircraft alloy, which also has excellent properties at low temperatures. Commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft and other aerospace applications not requiring the corrosion resistance of Clad 2011. Good machinability and hardness and not for welding and stress-corrosion cracking. Because of its superior strength, Aluminium Alloy 2011 is heavily utilized by the aircraft and ordnance industries.

    Aluminium Alloy 2011

    Aluminium Alloy 2011 has a very high mechanical strength and exceptional machinability. It is also known as a free machining alloy or FMA. Aluminium Alloy 2011 is commonly used in fasteners and fittings, ordnance, automotive trim, nuts, bolts etc. It also boasts of high fatigue strength.

    Aluminium Alloy 2011 is available in Bars, Sheets, Plates, Discs, Etc

    Round Bar – 20mm to 300mm Dia

    Sheet/Plate – 3mm Thickness to 250mm Thickness

  • Chemical Element Of Aluminium Alloy 2011

    Element % Present
    Si 0.4%
    Fe 0.7%
    Cu 5.0-6.0%
    Pb 0.2-0.6%
    Bi 0.2-0.6%
    Zn 0.3%
    Other 0.15%
    Al Balance

    Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy 2011

    BS EN 755-2:2008
    Rod and Bar
    Up to 200mm Dia. or 60mm A/F
    Property Value
    Proof Stress 125 Min MPa
    Tensile Strength 275 Min MPa
    Elongation A50 mm 12 min %
    Hardness Brinell 95 HB
    Elongation A 14 min %

    Physical Properties of Aluminium Alloy 2011

    Property Value
    Density 2.82 kg/m3
    Melting Point 535°C
    Modulus of Elasticity 71 GPa
    Electrical Resistivity 0.045x10-6 Ω.m
    Thermal Conductivity 138 W/m.K
    Thermal Expansion 23x10-6 /K

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    Aluminium Alloy 2011
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